100% natural wood wool

Purely natural product created by planing debarked, naturally dried spruce wood.

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Our wood wool has many diverse applications:

  • universal padding material with excellent shock-absorbing capacity
  • decorative material for luxury gift packages
  • litter for pets, farm and exotic animals
  • construction
  • agriculture
  • plush toy stuffing…
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Litter for pets, farm animals, and exotic animals in the ZOO.

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Decorative material for gift wrapping, as well as packaging and fixing highly fragile items.

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Wood wool can also be used as a firelighter.

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Pila Kalafut

Our company is one of the largest wood-wool manufacturers in the Czech Republic and Europe.
We aim to produce top-quality wood wool and satisfy the demands of both smaller and bigger customers.

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Video wood wool Kalafut
Video wood wool Kalafut
Natural wood wool by the Kalafut
Sawmill, based in South Bohemia.